About Us

Operating in a Spirit of Excellence

ReSo, Inc. was established in 2013 with the vision of providing excellent service to our clientele.  In a world where mediocre is commonplace, ReSo stands out in superiority.

Co-founders Jamie Copenhaver and Craig Cribbs have over 55 years of combined customer service and operations experience, and have teamed up to provide customized solutions and excellent customer service. Our society is experiencing a downward trend in customer service; at ReSo we feel this is unacceptable and are changing this trend one customer, one solution at a time. Jamie and Craig take pride in making every interaction a positive one.

The ReSo vision is to provide Real Solutions that work, while consistently providing exceptional customer service. We operate in the spirit of excellence and take pride in a job well done. That is why it is a pleasure working with us!

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