Real Solutions

Real Solutions Work for You.

ReSo is Here to Help with Real Solutions for your administration needs.  Real Solutions are the ones that work, not the band-aid or cookie cutter fixes that mask the real issue.  We assess your situation and propose a customized solution for your specific circumstances.  If your office is shorthanded and a remote helping had could ease your administrative burden, then ReSo may be a good fit.

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  • Accounts Receivables – ReSo can collect and log payments received at your business. There are various options as to how this process could work for you. Let us identify the best fit.
  • Billing – ReSo can send invoices to your clients, members, customers. We can also follow up with late payment reminders. We will devise a schedule that best suits your needs.
  • Bookkeeping – ReSo can enter your standard bookkeeping data and code it however you and your accountant need.
  • Data Entry – Basic data entry can pile up and then start to interfere with operations. ReSo can help you keep the entries current and free you or your office to do other tasks.


  • Brochure Design – Whether for external marketing or internal communication, ReSo can provide assistance with the development of such items.
  • Policies and Procedures – ReSo can lead in the development of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) manuals, employee handbooks, etc.
  • Presentations – ReSo can assist you in creation of PowerPoint presentations you need for any informational communication.


  • Office Management – ReSo can provide assistance with managing your office.
  • On boarding – Need help with orienting new employees? ReSo can be your right hand in this important process, From providing and assisting the employee with new hire paperwork, to scheduling physicals, to coordinating their first day on the job schedule.
  • Employee Benefits – ReSo can assist with paperwork for any employee benefits that needs completed as well as complete the enrollment, changes or terminations of benefits.

Here at ReSo we listen, identify and develop. We are strong in our ability to craft services to the client’s need and we take pride in what we provide.

Looking for something not listed above? Contact us today to discuss. Creative solutions is where we shine!