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  • When faced with a serious health concern, the doctor and hospital bills and the “this is not a bill” statements can be overwhelming.  Making sense of all of it is difficult to do on the best days let alone when dealing with an illness or disability.  ReSo will review all the paperwork and determine which bills have been paid by insurance and which are legitimately your responsibility.  This takes the worry and frustration off of your mind so you can concentrate on wellness and living your best life.  Contact us for a free review.

Small Business

  • Overburdened and confused by the administration of benefits for your employees? Let ReSo be your “remote” HR Benefits Specialist and take this weight off the shoulders of your staff. Contact us to find out how this works.
  • Don’t think you can afford to provide benefits for your employees? Let ReSo provide a free assessment of what you may be able to do.
  • ReSo listens, identifies and develops.  We are strong in our creative ability to craft our services to client needs and we take pride in what we provide.

Large Business

  • Tired of overprices cookie-cutter services?
  • Need an eligibility audit?
  • Still do retiree billing in-house?
  • Are your employee communications lacking?
  • We listen, identify and develop. ReSo is strong in creative ability to craft services to client needs and we take pride in what we provide.

Looking for something not listed above? Contact us today to discuss. Creative solutions is where we shine!